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We create high quality, lifestyle and fitness apparel that is built on faith. "Four Thirteen" stands for the Bible Verse, Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." No matter who you are, what you believe, shape, size, creed or color, we created this brand to connect everyone to a message of faith and positivity. 

The Beginning

We started with a simple vision. To create a unisex tank that was buttery soft and could withstand heavy performance. We also wanted the background messaging to be built on faith and positivity. 

So we worked tirelessly with our pattern makers and designers to create a staple item that we hoped everyone would love.

Because of your support in our first year, we continued to press on!

Finding Our Footing

Towards the end of 2018 we realized that we wanted a brand that had some POP! Pops of color, energetic content and sprinkle of a faith component in the apparel industry.

We started experimenting with different material blends and colors to what you all loved the most.

2018 was the year where we had that true, "We can do this!" moment. And we haven't looked back ever since. 

The "Four Thirteen" Rebrand

In 2019 we started to think BIGGER! We rebranded to a more modern and iconic logo that could be easily recognized. 

2019 was a monumental year for us because of you all.

You all consistently supported us by ordering items, posting on social media and wearing the brand proudly and consistently! That brought more eyes and opportunities our way and we are forever thankful. 


2020 Vision

This year we truly nailed down who we are by identifying the 3 main aspects of the brand:

1. Faith Based: We are a brand built on faith, hard work and determination.

2. Authentic: We are a genuine brand that cares about people first.

3. Raw: We are made up of strong, hard working individuals that focus on continuing to develop and improve daily to bring you the best apparel on the market. 

This year our plan is to make an even bigger splash. Bigger and better is on the way...


We were blessed to have an amazing 2020 which slingshot us into thinking bigger for 2021! This year is all about getting better in every aspect of the brand.

From our operations, to materials, to our customer experience and more. We want to build a legacy of relentlessness. What this means to us is that no matter what obstacles we face, we step up to the plate with faith, hard work and determination.

We have high hopes for this year but we can't wait to back it with consistent actions towards greatness!